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Home Security Case Studies

Weymouth, Massachusetts

Prevents Basement Flooding

A homeowner in Weymouth found a water leak in his basement. He spends two months in Florida every year and he thought if this happened while he was away, nobody would have known and his entire basement would have been flooded. We installed a water bug detector, which is monitored along with his burglar alarm system by our Central Station. He now leaves for vacation knowing he’s protected.

Falmouth, Massachusetts

Returns to a Warm Home After Vacation

This homeowner lives over an hour away from his vacation home. His family frequently spends weekends at the home during the winter months, however the home is very cold when they first arrive. We installed an alarm system, which includes the ability to turn the heat on remotely from his Smart Phone. When the family arrives, the home is nice and warm.

Hanover, Massachusetts

Uses Personal Two Way Voice Medical Alert

The homeowner has a medical condition, which requires him to be monitored. He wants to continue to live alone even though his children and his nurses say he should not. We installed a PERS (personal emergency response system) with two way audio. Both patient and his children feel comfortable knowing he is being monitored if he needs emergency help.

Business Security Case Studies

Small Business: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Finds Proof of Employee Theft

The owner of a liquor store on Cape Cod was concerned that his business was experiencing monetary losses. We installed a hidden camera, which provided proof that a nine-year employee was taking money and goods to the tune of over $ 340,000.00. Needless to say he was fired and continues to make restitution to the storeowner.

Large Business: Multiple Massachusetts Locations

Monitors Multiple Stores From One Location

One of our first clients used our services to monitor his small retail business. As his business grew (now six stores), he continued to add to his CCTV systems so that he could be at one location and monitor all six stores at the same time. If he chooses he can watch up to 128 cameras from a remote location. He has the piece of mind that all of his stores are being closely monitored.

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